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Coaxial Protection
Mounts & Accessories
Cable & Wire
+24/-48v DC Out RET/TMA ACU AISG v1.1/2.0, 24 RETs/6 TMAs
AISG Controller
List Price: $1,020.90
AISG RET Control Cable Two-way Splitter
List Price: $80.00
Male Cap To Protect Female RET
Minimum order quantity
List Price: $11.61
RET Control Cable Grounding
Teletilt® RET Cable Grounding Kit Provides grounding for RET (remote electrical tilt) control cable.
List Price: $60.00
RET Controller/Component Lightning Protection Unit
Teletilt® Lightning Protection Unit Provides lightning protection for a RET controller and RET antenna line devices.
List Price: $370.00
Teletilt Actuator Factory set to AISG 2.0 Mode
Connects to the Base Station Antenna for Remote Electrical Tilt
List Price: $540.00
TELETILT Bottom Smart Bias Tee BTS=DIN Male : ANT=DIN Fem
Teletilt® AISG Smart Bias Tees Eliminates the long AISG RET control cable by feeding power and data signals along the existing RF coaxial cable.
List Price: $562.00
Teletilt Portable RET RS-232 to RS-485 RET Controller
Teletilt® Portable RET Controller
Allows easy and convenient access to RET devices for inital setup and future site optimization.
List Price: $625.00
Universal Dust Cap for RET Cables, Plastic, Black
List Price: $2.57

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