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Mobile Mark
.8-2.7 GHz Cell/GSM, 802.11 a/b/g, GPS, w/ 15' RF195 SMA
List Price: $152.70
Mobile Mark
.8-2.7 GHz, Multiband Surface Mount Antenna, Quad Feed, GPS
800-1250/1650-2700 MHz= 15 ft RF-195 with TNC plug 2.4-2.485 GHz=15 ft RF-195 with SMA plug GPS=15 ft RG-174 with TNC plug GPS=15 ft RG-174 with SMA plug
List Price: $226.50
Mobile Mark
.800-6.0GHz, Multiband Surface Mount Antenna, White
800-2700 MHz = 15 ft RF-195 with SMA plug 2.4/4.9-6 GHz = 15 ft RF-195 with TNC plug GPS=15 ft RG-174 with TNC plug
List Price: $152.25
Maxrad / PCTEL
.806-.960/1.71-2.17 GHz, 27dB Low Profile GPS Multiband Ant
List Price: $132.25
Mobile Mark
.824-.894/1.85-1.99GHz TriBand 15' RG58 w/TNC, GPS w/SMA
This antenna is the ultimate in high gain performance for AVL/tracking applications with a permanent hole mount. This TriBand Surface mount provides operation on GSM, CDMA or Trunking 800 bands along with GPS. The GPS antenna has an active amplifier for maximum satellite reception.
List Price: $123.90
Mobile Mark
.824-.894/18.5-19.9 GHz Covert Tri-Band Strip Ant, SMA Conn
Covert Antennas, Cellular 806-1990 MHz & GPS
List Price: $45.20
3Z Telecom
1 Year Warranty on All Parts, Labor, Calibration, Physical Damage & Battery
List Price: $895.00
Pulse / Larsen
136-175/1575MHz,GPS Combi Whip 16' RG-174, SMA(GPS)/SMB(VHF)
List Price: $126.00
Pulse / Larsen
1575.4 MHz 26dBi GPS Antenna Black with SMB Male Conn
List Price: $50.39
Pulse / Larsen
1575.4 MHz GPS Glass Mount Antenna 16.4 RG-174, SMA Male
List Price: $20.64
Pulse / Larsen
1575.4 MHz, Black GPS Direct Mount Antenna, 17' RG174 W/MCX
List Price: $73.51
Pulse / Larsen
1575.4 MHz, Black GPS Direct Mount, 17' RG-174, MMCX
List Price: $73.51
Maxrad / PCTEL
List Price: $250.00
Pulse / Larsen
1575.42 MHz 26 dB White GPS Antenna, N-Male Connector
List Price: $341.25
Maxrad / PCTEL
1575.42 MHz, 16-Channel Smart GPS Ant w/ Integrated Receiver
List Price: $90.61
Maxrad / PCTEL
1575.42 MHz, 40dB, High Gain Permanent Mount GPS Antenna
High Gain Permanent Mount Mobil GPS Antenna , 40 dB , 1575.42 MHz
  • Weather proof, all-plastic, non-corrosive, cone-shaped enclosure
  • 3/4 In. thru-hole or bracket mount
  • Unique radome sheds water and ice, while eliminating problems associated with bird perching
  • Voltage range:2.7 to 5.5 V
  • High gain: 40 dB
  • Low noise figure: 0.5 dB
  • List Price: $73.73
    Maxrad / PCTEL
    1575.42 MHz, High Gain GPS Antenna
    List Price: $37.12
    Maxrad / PCTEL
    1616-1626.5 MHz 4 dBi Iridium Magnet Mount Passive Antenna
    List Price: $55.00
    Maxrad / PCTEL
    2.3-4.9 GHz 1.5 dBi HP Omni Antenna MIMO Dual Pol,SMA Male
    Omni Antenna.
    List Price: $240.00
    Maxrad / PCTEL
    2.4 GHz GPS 3G Quad Band Covert Antenna, SMA/SMA
    List Price: $52.20

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