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Maxrad / PCTEL
MUF4505, MAX455 Rod Assembly, Chrome, 5/Pkg
Replacement Rod
List Price: $102.35
Maxrad / PCTEL
Mirror Bracket Mount W/17'RG58 Loose PL259 Connector, Sol
List Price: $39.45
Pulse / Larsen
LM-150 Series Replacement Coil 144-174 MHz
List Price: $36.06
Pulse / Larsen
KG Series Glass Mount Antennas Reinstallation Kit
List Price: $15.60
Laird / Antenex
Heavy Duty Z Shaped 3/4" Hole L Bracket
Mobile Mount Kits & Brackets
List Price: $10.10
Maxrad / PCTEL
Mirror Bracket Mount w/ 17' RG58A/U, No Connector
List Price: $37.95
Maxrad / PCTEL
Mirror Bracket Mount, 17' RG58 Loose Mini PL259 Connector
List Price: $39.45
NMO-34 Series Coil Only, 34-40 MHz
List Price: $40.50
Pulse / Larsen
NMO-27 Series Coil Only, 27-31 MHz
List Price: $40.50
Laird / Antenex
NMO Style Antenna Mounting Gaskets 6/Pkg
List Price: $1.52
Laird / Antenex
Mirror Mount Bracket, Chrome w/ 3/4" NMO Mnt & 17' RG58A/U
List Price: $50.29
Laird / Antenex
Elastomer Spring for B-Series Bases .100" whip
Replacement Elastomer Spring
List Price: $38.31
Laird / Antenex
Chrome Spring for 'B' and 'C' Series Load Coils w/Set Screws
List Price: $17.50
Laird / Antenex
Black Spring for 'B' and 'C' Series Load Coils w/Set Screws
List Price: $23.23
Maxrad / PCTEL
Black, Mirror Bracket Mount, RG58A/U, Loose PL259 Connector
List Price: $42.55
Pulse / Larsen
Black Shock Spring
List Price: $28.20
Pulse / Larsen
Black Plastic Rain Cap for NMO Mounts
List Price: $6.51
Laird / Antenex
Black Mirror MT BKT with 3/4" NMO MT and 17' RG58A/U
List Price: $57.95
Laird / Antenex
C27 Replacement Coil, 27-31 MHz
List Price: $81.37
Laird / Antenex
C40 Replacement Coil, 40-47 MHz
List Price: $70.25

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