Product image of Laird External Antennas NS1535 15 Amp 1-35 Volt DC Noise Suppressor

Laird External Antennas | NS1535 15 Amp 1-35 Volt DC Noise Suppressor

Item #ANXNS1535

The Antenex® Noise Suppressor line features a high impact molded plastic housing with components encapsulated in a waterproof, vibration proof compound. Heavy gauge wire and a high current ratingmake them ideal for the two- way radio, cellular, marine, C.B., orcar audio dealer.

This quality product is a general purpose low pass fi lter, used to reduce power line noise in both Audio Frequency and RF ranges. Noise is commonly generated by the alternator, ignition system, voltage regulator, and other accessories in the vehicle. Alternator whine is one of the most common problems. It can be identifi ed as a varying pitch corresponding to engine speed that can fi nd its way to either the receiving or transmitting end of the radio. Accessories such as AC fans and electronic fuel pumps may generate RF interference that can be signifi cantly reduced with the Antenex® Noise Suppressor

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Noise Suppressor
General Specifications
Supply Voltage35 Volts DC (Max)
Current15 Amps 50% Duty
Cycle 5 Min on/5 Mins off
12 Amps Continuous
Voltage Drop.54 V @ 15 Amps(Max)
Audio Frequency Cut-off:287 Hz
Attenuation1 KHz 22dB @ 7A
19db @ 15A
3 KHz 41dB @ 7A
38 dB @ 15A
Weight1.05 lbs