Product image of Laird External Antennas FG8963 896-940 MHz 3dB Fiberglass Omni Base Station Antenna

Laird External Antennas | FG8963 896-940 MHz 3dB Fiberglass Omni Base Station Antenna

Item #ANXFG8963

Laird's fiberglass base station antennas are collinear designsenclosed in a high-density fiberglass, which is covered with aprotective ultraviolet inhibiting coating.

The radiating elements are made from high efficiency copper andare carefully phased to provide maximum gain in the horizontal plane.The mounting sleeves are tuned to eliminate RF currents from thetransmission line, resulting in a "cold" sleeve allowing greatfreedom in mounting. This high quality and well-focused beam providesthe highest gain and best efficiency.

Features and Benefits
  • Highly stable PC board matching network
  • Superior quality design
  • Special UV treated radome
  • N-female industry standard connector
  • 100% tested on a network analyzer

Suggested Retail: $184.65
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Omni Antenna
Frequency Range (MHz)896-940
Omni Antenna Spec1
Gain3 dBd
Bandwidth (MHz)Same as Freq Range (2:1 VSWR)
Electrical Downtilt0
Power (watts)100
Vert. Beamwidth33 Deg
Jumper SuppliedNo
Mounting HardwareOptional FM2
Support Pipe Dia. (in.)1/1/2004
Overall Length (in.)25
Omni Antenna Spec2
Wind Rating (mph)125
Net Weight (lbs.)4
Shipping MethodUPS
Warranty2 Year
Ship Weight (lbs.)6
Weight8.4 lbs


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