Product image of TE Connectivity DBA6171C3-BSMAM 5G/4G Outdoor Blade Omni Antenna

TE Connectivity | DBA6171C3-BSMAM 5G/4G Outdoor Blade Omni Antenna


DBA6171xx Series - 617-960 / 1427-7125 MHz5G Hinged Swivel Blade Antenna Datasheet

DBA6171xx series 5G swivel blade antennas support harshenvironments with both IP67 (outdoor) and non-rated (indoor)configurations.

With excellent performance from 617-7125 MHz the design is ruggedized to support high shock, vibration and humidity environments that may be experienced over the life of theproduct.

The articulating/hinged/swivel connections allows for a wide variety of installation and mounting options making this an extremely diverse antenna family for IoT or gateway device applications. Options are available with or without embossed TE logo, see page 2 for more details.

  • Global 5G coverage from 617-7125 MHz
  • Ready for future 5G rollouts up to 7GHz
  • Indoor and/or outdoor rated options
  • Suitable for private 5G/Cellular installations
  • Ideal for light industiral or factory settings where vibration may be present
  • Ability to rotate and/or point the antennas for maximum coverage and efficiency
  • Designed with firm connector resistance to avoid connectors loosening
  • Robust hinge mechanism avoids the antenna drooping after installation

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