Product image of CommScope ATM200-A20 Teletilt Actuator Factory set to AISG 2.0 Mode

CommScope | ATM200-A20 Teletilt Actuator Factory set to AISG 2.0 Mode

Item #ANDATM200-A20

This AISG compliant Teletilt RET actuator enables operators toremotely change the electricaldowntilt of an antenna.The ATM200-A20 is shipped in AISG 2.0 mode. In the field, theactuator can be set to AISG 1.1 or2.0 as needed.The actuator's absolute position sensor eliminates the need forcalibration, enhances precision andprevents dropped calls caused by calibration sweeps. Male and femaleAISG connectors facilitate daisychaining actuators. As many as 32 actuators can be attached to asingle control line.This actuator is equipped with a flashing LED, which indicates datatransfer and tilt movements. It comesin a weather resistant gasket-sealed container that has a drain holeto permit drainage of condensedmoisture.The ATM200-A20 actuator can be field fitted onto Andrew Teletiltremote electrical downtilt (RET)compatible antennas that are already in service or factory fittedbefore delivery to the field.The part number for antennas with a factory-fit ATM200-A20 actuatorends in -AxM, with x referring tothe number of the attached actuators (either -A1M or -A2M).

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Material TypeABS
Electrical Specifications
ProtocolAISG 1.1 | AISG 2.0
Default ProtocolAISG 2.0
Interface Protocol SignalData | dc
Input Voltage10-30 Vdc
Adjustment Cycles, Min10000
Adjustment Time, Full range, Max22 seconds
Electrical Safety StandardEN 60950 | UL 60950
Mechanical Specifications
AISG Input Connector8-pin DIN Male
AISG Input Connector Quantity1
AISG Output Connector8-pin DIN Female
AISG Output Connector Quantity1
Weight0.65 lbs