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Featured Products

Now is the time to Get Your Gig On!
1 Gbps Links at the Lowest Prices Ever Seen on the Market!

Now through October 15, 2016 - and only while quantities last - you can get your gig on for thousands and thousands of dollars less with the BridgeWave Flex4G-UHA 80 GHz system!

The Flex4G-UHA is an all-outdoor 80GHz radio system delivering 1Gbps full-duplex per radio, and featuring BridgeWave’s exclusive AdaptRate™ technology for longer distances than ever before in a millimeter wave radio system.

Here's the screamin' deal:

  • 2-BridgeWave Flex4G-UHA radios upgraded to 1Gbps full-duplex capacity
  • AdaptRate™ Upgrade (per link)
  • 2-power supplies
  • 2-MTI antennas (your choice of either 1-foot or 2-foot)

for the lowest prices ever seen on the market!

Time and quantities are limited, so don’t miss out! The "Get Your Gig On" promotion ends October 15, 2016. To be eligible, all orders must be received by October 15, 2016 and ship by November 15, 2016.

Click here for additional terms and conditions.

For more information please contact Talley Inc: 800.949.7079 or


LP-SPT Protection Tester

The innovative LP-SPT™ RF surge protection tester can test any lightning protection device or component to ensure its proper functioning and capability to protect critical and expensive RF equipment. Weighing only 16 ounces and powered by two 9 volt batteries, the ruggedized hand-held unit is completely portable making it ideal for field use. The LP-SPT™ unit has two terminals, N male and N female, to support testing of the most popular in line RF surge protection devices and can easily test surge protectors with any other interfaces by using commonly available RF adaptors. The slim LP-SPT™ unit comes complete with a heavy duty nylon carrying case, batteries, easy-to-follow instructions and a set of alligator clips to allow testing of other surge protection components such as MOV's, diodes and gas tubes.



Newmar Introduces the Commander Power System

The third new system in a trilogy of DC Power Solutions, the Commander's 5RU
(8.75") shelf chassis features seven power bays that accept 1,000/2,000 watt
rectifiers -48VDC, high reliability N+1 redundant arrangement, enabling easy
configuration into any site's power requirements. The system accepts 90-250 VAC
power factor corrected input, producing up to 14 kW (259 amps) DC output. Battery temperature compensation sensor is a standard feature for precise charging of back-up batteries in varying climatic conditions.

An integrated 18 position DC circuit breaker distribution panel features in-shelf protection for critical loads, and are fitted to 'tripped breaker' alarms. In addition, four battery disconnect breakers are standard to protect the system and allows
for easy replacement of batteries while the system is running. A builtin low voltage disconnect circuit protects batteries from extreme discharge and loads from receiving low voltage during an extended utility power outage.

The Centurion II Power System produces up to 6,000 watt (111 amps) of DC output in a 2RU (3.75") chassis with an integrated 16 position circuit breaker distribution panel and four battery disconnect breakers.

The Sentinel Power System features a 1RU (1.75") chassis that accepts three 600 watt rectifiers producing 1,800 watts (33 amps) total output. The system provides four DC circuit breakers and two battery disconnect breakers.

All three systems also feature a programmable digital controller with alpha numeric display read-out of system parameters with TCP/IP interface and SNMP monitoring/ logging of critical functions including rectifier voltage and current, circuit breaker trip and LVD activation. A built-in control feature allows remote shut down and activation of rectifiers for periodic battery testing and backup power data logging.

LTE Antenna

Anritsu's ACCESS Master MT9083x2

The MT9083A2/B2/C2 test sets are designed to make your measurement experience simple and error-free with true one-button fault location, pass/fail classification, automated file saving and naming and even a macrobend detection feature for identifying installation issues. They feature multiple wavelengths and options to satisfy any hybrid network testing requirement: DAS, RRH/RRU, front-haul/backhaul, access or metro...all without straining your budget.

The MT9083x2 also features Fiber Visualizer - A new, one button fault locate function designed to simplify the entire testing process. Fiber Visualizer automatically selects the testing parameters to ensure the correct setup and provides a simple, icon-based graphical summary of the fiber under test within seconds. These icons represent the type of event and show the location, loss and color-coded PASS/FAIL status. In addition, a summary of the complete fiber under test is displayed showing TOTAL LOSS, number of events, ORL and the overall PASS/FAIL status of the fiber at all wavelengths. One advantage of Fiber Visualizer over other solutions is that only a single pulsewidth trace is needed to create a complete summary of the fiber. There is even a dedicated Fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) mode to further simplify the testing of DAS and RRH/RRU fibers.

Horizon DUO

Polyphaser Introduces the Commander Power System

Polyphaser specializes in Coaxial RF Protection, Data Line Surge Protection, AC Surge Protection, and DC Surge Suppression. Its product offering includes RF, AC, DC and high-speed data as well as signal protection ground accessories, integrated cabinets and power distribution units. From the tower top to the central office, we have a protection solution to meet your needs.

Power and signal integrity has a role in critical asset protection. If the application is key to revenue and growth it must be protected from malfunction and downtime. The Protection Technology Group offers assurance to numerous key markets that rely on their critical electronic equipment and communication links for strategic business functions, growth and stability.

LTE Antenna

CNT Braided Cables and Connectors

CNT braided cable and connectors from Andrew Solutions, the CommScope, Inc. division is winning over many of the world's largest microwave OEMs as cost-effective cable solutions for connecting indoor and outdoor units in wireless backhaul networks.

CNT is designed to meet real-world challenges anywhere you need robust, low loss braided cable solutions. This super-flexible cable performs reliably in every situation. Featuring industry standard PIM ratings, CNT cables are available in a wide array of sizes and lengths to accommodate every need, including outdoor, direct burial, fire-rated and plenum. From in-cabinet to tower and pole feeder runs, CNT provides a complete solution. For microwave backhaul systems, CNT is ideal for both indoor and outdoor unit connections. In-building capabilities include solutions for riser runs and air-handling plenums.

You can also rely on CNT for internal component and equipment wiring, base station, antenna jumpers and rooftop installations. CNT cables are universally compatible with all industry standard connectors, tools and installation accessories.The CNT product line also boasts factory fit and individually tested
jumper assemblies for any application, in almost any configuration. The cables
are engineered for low loss and are built to perform. The complete CNT product
offering adds value to new and existing technology deployments. Visit www. for more information.

Remote Power Control


The Wideband Power Sensor Family from Bird Technologies Group

The Wideband Power Sensor family from Bird Technologies Group includes multiple units to cover the entire 25-4000 MHz frequency range and 25mW-500W dynamic range. The sensors are a plug and play solution that is easily usable by technicians and engineers of all skill levels. Simply connect the sensor to one of our display devices and read the measurements.

• Works with all Bird display devices including the SignalHawk Spectrum Analyzer, the 5000-XT Handheld Display, the Site Analyzer, and the Virtual Power Meter

• Bird Virtual Power Meter application is included free with every
Wideband Power Sensor

• Never requires field calibration and the factory calibration is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

• Measures True Average Power, Peak Power, and Duty Cycle with
exceptional accuracy

• Calculates a wide range of important values such as VSWR, Return Loss,
Reflection Coefficient, Crest Factor, Average Burst Power and CCDF

• Capable of measuring any modulation scheme including analog, digital and
multi-carrier signals


Compact, Low Profile WiFi Yagi Antennas

Mobile Mark's new Yagi Antennas provide directional data transmissions
in an attractive and compact package. The antennas are encased in a protective
radome and they measure only 7.5 inches in total length from the tip of the radome to the antenna mount. This high quality and reliable Yagi Antenna is perfect for systems that require high gain directional dualband WiFi or for 4.9 GHz Public Safety applications.

Two models are available: the YAG8-W-3C which covers 2.4-2.5 & 4.9-6.0 GHz and offers 8 dBi gain and the YAG12-5500- 3C which covers the upper band, 4.9-6.0 GHz, and offers the higher 12 dBi gain. The slim, attractive profile makes these antennas suitable for many applications. They can be used for dual-band 2.4/5 GHz WiFi coverage, for backhaul at 5.8 GHz, for public safety 4.9 GHz or for DSRC Intelligent Transportation Services at 5.9 GHz. They can be used both indoors and outside. These antennas are ideal for efficient yet unobtrusive coverage.

Mobile Mark's Yagi Antennas are easy to install and align. These compact and
attractive antennas can be wall-mounted or pole-mounted. The double articulated mount can be adjusted up to 45-degrees in both the horizontal and vertical planes for targeted coverage.

The antennas are typically shipped with 12-inches of cable and an "N" connector. Other combinations are possible. The antennas are designed to meet Military & Industrial specs for temperature, moisture, shock and vibration (IEEE-1478, EN-61373, MIL-810G). The Antenna is rated IPx5 for water ingress. Antenna styles available include:

Model Description
YAG8-W-3C Yagi, 2.4-2.5 & 4.9-6.0 GHz, 8 dBi gain
YAG12-5500-3C Yagi, 4.9-6.0 GHz, 12 dBi gain

For more information on Yagi antennas offered from Mobile Mark, please contact your Talley Sales Experts at (800) 949-7079 or visit



At some point, LTE will replace 3G as the standard in wireless communications. LTE offers a marked improvement in both capacity and speed over 3G technologies - LTE throughput speeds of 10 to 40 mpbs far exceed current 3G data speeds. In addition, LTE will likely support VoIP in future iterations. By 2016, there will be 592 million LTE subscribers worldwide, according to Boston-based Pyramid Research. Today's user count is 6.4 million and growing rapidly, and each of the tier-one carriers has LTE rollout plans.

The good news is that existing Distributed Antenna System (DAS) deployments designed to ensure quality cell phone voice and data services can - in some cases - easily and inexpensively be upgraded to support LTE based services. Upgrading a DAS to work with frequency bands supporting LTE generally requires the addition of frequency specific, dedicated donor antennas, cross band couplers and in-building repeaters.

Some upgrades might require the addition of LTE bandspecific filters and amplifiers within the Distributed Antenna System. In addition, MIMO repeaters are available for LTE deployments.

Delivering higher quality and stronger signals to an indoor LTE device offers two primary benefits:

First, an LTE DAS provides a higher quality signal, which in turn permits a higher modulation rate resulting in a better device throughput rate and user experience. Second, LTE macro network resources are freed up for macro users who are waiting on data uploads/downloads, thus making the macro site usage more efficient.

CSI's SR385 Compact LTE repeater include a 700 MHz frequency range, saw
filtering, easy installation and is ideal for applications up to 50k square feet.
Cellular Specialties Inc. (CSI) provides a full line of active and passive in-building products that cover both Upper and Lower LTE frequencies.

For more information on LTE repeaters and system components to upgrade your DAS today, contact Talley at (800) 949-7079 or visit



Anritsu's PIM Master™

Anritsu is proud to introduce the PIM Master™ - a small, lightweight, 40 Watt, battery operated Passive Intermodulation (PIM) testing solution featuring patented Distance-to-PIM™ (DTP) technology - the fastest way to pinpoint the source of PIM at a cell site. PIM Master is available for the 700MHz, 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz and 1900/2100MHz bands and is exclusively available through Talley.. PIM Master includes a large, outdoor viewable display and intuitive user interface that is optimized for field conditions. PIM Master’s rugged design and enhanced portability enables high power PIM testing at the “top-of-the-tower, ” helping network operators to achieve maximize RF performance from their LTE Remote Radio Head (RRH) installations. 

PIM MW82119A

Pulse/Larsen LTE Swivel Mount Dipole

Pulse/Larsen is proud to announce the SPDA24700/2700 which provides a 4G swivel blade antenna for access points, routers and small base station applications. The SPDA24700/2700 covers the LTE frequency ranges of 698- 960/1710-2170/2500-2700 MHz providing omnidirectional radiation with a gain of 2 dBi.

The blade package is a right angle swivel provided in black plastic with dimensions
of .94" x 7.72" (23.8 mm x 196 mm) in the right angle position. It is supplied with an
SMA Male connector and other connectors are available on request. Features include the 4G swivel band antenna, performance across the LTE frequency bands, SMA connector and RoHS compliant.

• 4G Router, Hub or Access point
• Small Base Station
• Femto Cell

Contact your local Talley Sales Experts at (800) 949-7079 or visit for more information on the LTE antenna.


Network Operators Can Now Do More Outdoors with the Horizon Compact

As the first vendor to offer an all-outdoor packet microwave solution, ragonWave
continues to deliver industry leading innovation with the next generation Horizon Compact+. This high capacity packet microwave system delivers bigperformance in a small package. Because the radio and modem are integrated into a single highly compact outdoor unit, Horizon Compact+ is a zero footprint solution– eliminating rack congestion and minimizing collocation space. Equipped with DragonWave's Bandwidth Accelerator technology, the Horizon Compact+ achieves the highest degree of spectral efficiency, delivering up to 2 Gbps per channel – significantly more capacity than any other alloutdoor microwave system.

DragonWave's Horizon Compact+ is uniquely positioned to enable service providers, public safety organizations, government institutions, utilities and other enterprises to increase their network capacity gradually and cost effectively as requirements change. With its fully integrated enclosure and small form factor, the Horizon Compact+ is an ideal choice for both macrocell and small cell architectures. This solution offers a host of advanced features including XPIC, service aware hitless adaptive modulation, SyncE and 1588v2 synchronization support, integrated 256-bit AES encryption, comprehensive Ethernet OAM and sophisticated QoS with 8 levels of prioritization.

With unmatched radio performance, simple installation and operation, as well
simple management options including DragonWave's powerful DragonVision
network management system, the Horizon Compact+ delivers significant lifecycle cost savings. This innovative, carrier-grade packet microwave solution operates in licensed or unlicensed spectrum from 6 to 60 GHz. Call Talley at (800) 949-7079 or visit for more information.



Any Network, Any Medium, Anywhere Flexible Wireless Connectivity Solutions

TE offers a rich and diverse line of fiber and copper connectivity solutions to address wireless backhaul challenges in the mobile switch center, data
center and central office-type environments.

With innovative solutions such as the RapidReel fiber cable spooling system, next generation MPO connector, and indoor/outdoor microcable fiber, TE enables customers to build their network infrastructure with greater flexibility, speed, and at lower cost than ever before. Designed with superior nvironmental, optical and electrical performance, TE Flexible Backhaul Solutions meet or exceed industry requirements for both indoor and outdoor backhaul applications.

TE's new Rapid fiber panel combines IFC cables with fiber panels using our
patented RapidReel™ fiber spooling system. With applications ranging from
central offices and data centers, to cell sites and customer premises, Rapid fiber panels offer extensive features and benefits.

Rapid fiber panels provide as much as 25% savings on the total cost of installation:

• Reduces site survey costs by eliminating the need to precisely measure IFC cable lengths. In many cases, the cost of a site survey can be eliminated.

• Reduces fiber cable congestion—fiber is always the right length between
intermediate fiber panel and Optical Distribution Frame.

• Facilitates worry-free installation of fiber with a robust micro-cable that is
easier to handle.

TE's Rapid fiber panels provide a more cost effective and efficient way to add
fiber capacity by reducing engineering, ordering and installation time. For more
information on TE Connectivity's full line of wireless connectivity solutions, contact your Talley Sales Experts at (800) 949-7079 or visit


Telewave Wideband Antenna Enhances Interoperability

The Telewave ANT280S Wideband Discone antenna is purpose-built for all civilian, public safety, and military radio interoperability requirements. The ANT280S covers 118 MHz to 3 GHz with typical 1.5:1 VSWR, and handles up to 500 watts continuous power. Each antenna is constructed from Mil. Spec. 6061-T6 solid aluminum, welded at all joints for maximum strength. A high-strength
radome encloses the upper cone and RF connections, and Txylan™ coating on all metal surfaces ensures survivability in adverse environments.

The ANT280S weighs only 10 lbs and can be used as a tactical antenna for field deployment, or replace multiple antennas on a mobile command vehicle. The broad coverage pattern of a discone is equally suited for ground and ground-to-air communication. The 500 watt power rating allows use of high-power radios and tactical repeaters. It can also be mounted on a tower or command center roof for long-term fixed operation.

The antenna is supplied with a three foot RG-213 pigtail with N-Male connector, and is ready to operate with a single or multiband radio using one antenna output. Several types of low-loss couplers are available for multi-radio operation. The antenna has a 1.5" mast, and a dual clamp kit is available for mounting to a 1.5" - 4" O.D. support pipe. Visit for more information.