New Features

Open Order Download

Talley’s Open Order Report for download allows you to review and save your open order report as often as you need. You no longer must wait for regular business hours to get the information that you are looking for, simply click on My Account to get started


Have a question about a product? Have a question about an order? Not only can you get the help you need by calling Talley, you can also ask all the questions you need answers to via Talley’s live chat feature. Simply click on the chat now prompt on your screen to start your chat session


As the world of technology evolves, we are doing our best to evolve right alongside it and we are proud to offer communication via text in addition to calling, emailing, and chatting. Simply text your quote request or order to 562-210-0094

Quick Order Tab

Entering products one by one is no longer your only option. Talley allows you to upload or copy and paste your list of products directly to your cart. Eliminate the time it takes to manually add items to your cart by using Talley’s quick form to get your orders submitted today!

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Create lists of inventoried items, create site-specific lists, or lists of like items to create quotes and orders in a more efficient way, and save time by using the pre-generated list of products to place your orders.

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Return Requests

Requesting returns just got easier.

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Once submitted a Quality Representative will communicate all return information, including RGA number if approved. Please read the request page for return details