Verizon MMDD Program

Welcome, Verizon General Contractors, to the MMDD Program!

Transitioning your purchasing to the Minor Material Distributor Direct (MMDD) Program through Talley has never been easier. The Verizon supply chain has made it mandatory for all distributors and contractors to enroll in phase two of the MMDD Program to continue your contractor material procurement.

Registering for the MMDD Program will consist of these easy steps:

Existing Verizon General Contractors:
  1. Click here for a message from Global Supply Chain.
New Contractors see below:
  1. Complete the setup form (below)
  2. Review, sign and complete the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). This NDA agreement is designed to protect all parties' interests, including Verizon's confidential information. The NDA ensures that you (Contractor) has been made aware that through this program, Talley will be reporting purchase data to Verizon. Our Verizon Team will reach out to you once you complete the setup form with the NDA agreement for you to review, sign and return.
  3. Talley will review the MMDD Contractor Purchase Program with you and your team. To ensure Talley has the products you need, please review your Bill of Material (BOM) with your local Talley sales team or send a copy to
  4. Once the above steps have been completed, a web portal training session will be scheduled with your support team.

We thank you for your business and the opportunity to service your needs.