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HELIAX® LSF2 Assemblies

Prepare for Small Cell and 5G Network Demands with HELIAX® LSF2 Assemblies

The LSF2 solution pushes what’s possible from small cell deployments. As part of CommScope’s complete Metro Cell connectivity solutions portfolio, the LSF2 optimizes space while providing higher performance and more flexibility in site deployments.

With CommScope’s new LSF2 coaxial jumper cable, we’ve rewritten the standard for size and performance alike in a unique cable assembly that delivers:


High performance

  • Electrical characteristics meet or exceed your link budget needs

Patented design

  • Optimized for small cell application and tested
    up to 6GHz

Superflexible and compact

  • For easy routing in tight spaces
HELIAX LSF2® Assemblies

HELIAX® F4 Series Replacement

Product Change Notice  Discontinued Series

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3/8" LSF2 Low Loss SureFlex® Cable Jumper with interface types 4.3-10 Male and 4.3-10 Male

HELIAX® LSF2 Assemblies