Land Mobile Radio

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Vertical Markets
  • 1. Utilities
  • 2. Transportation
  • 3. Oil & Gas
  • 4. In-Building
  • 5. Public Safety
  • 6. SCADA
  • 7. Network Backhaul
  • 8. Site Infrastructure
  • In-Building Solutions
  • Microwave Backhaul
  • Test Equipment
  • Power Solutions
  • Vehicle System Solutions
  • Transportation

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Utilities use many different types of communication systems: Conventional PTT, data and SCADA. Talley provides the products that allow these wireless systems to get from point A to B.


Transportation uses both voice and data communications. Talley provides the antennas, cable, connectors, infrastructure and other accessory type products to keep planes, trains and automobiles running smoothly.

Oil & Gas

Energy customers use many modes of communications: PTT, Backhaul and Data. Talley provides the antennas, cable, connectors, infrastructure and other accessory type products to keep planes, trains and automobiles running smoothly.


O-DAS and I-DAS systems are comprised of fiber, copper and various active and passive components, all available from Talley. Talley carries the premier vendors to supply VAR requirements to transport the signal from the outside to inside and back out.

Public Safety

Public Safety is one of the fastest changing market segments for Talley. Our customers are going from low frequency, wide-banded channels to higher frequency, narrow banded channels and from analog to digital technologies. From the tower to the radio and into the network, Talley represents vendors to get the signal to where they need to go.


SCADA takes the measurements and Talley has the products to get the RF Data to the central locations where the "brains" make the decisions to open or close the valves, turn on the switch or close the door. From your radio to the structure the antennas mount on , Talley is your source.

Network Backhaul

Talley has full product lines including licensed and unlicensed microwave radios. From 900 MHz up to 80 GHz, from Megabits to Gigabits, Talley is your source for getting the signal from point A to point B.

Site Infrastructure

To put your system on the air, Talley has the support structures to keep your systems on the air. From the rack to the tower and all in-between, Talley carries a broad line of relay racks, cabinets, ladder tray, Power and Grounding supplies.

State-of-the-art solutions for Public Safety and Land Mobile Radio

Both commercial and public safety radio systems are changing at a hectic pace in today's digital world. Talley will keep you up to speed with our knowledgeable associates and a comprehensive inventory of products. Whether it is land mobile radio products, microwave, BDA/IDAS/ODAS, solar or power systems, Talley has the products and expert assistance to guide you to a successful solution. Talley stocks all the major manufacturers such as Andrew, CommScope, Telewave, Dragonwave, Redline, Cellular Specialties, Astron, Larsen, PolyPhaser and hundreds more…

Land Mobile Radio

Public Safety, Utilities, Business-Industrial and Transportation are just a few of many markets that Talley provides complete Land Mobile Radio Products solutions.

  • Antennas: Base, Mobile & Portable
  • Power Supplies, Inverters, Converters & UPS
  • Lightning, AC/DC/Data Surge & Grounding Protection Products
  • Test Equipment: Spectrum Analyzer, Watt Meters, Fiber Optic and Digital Protocol Test Sets
  • Braided and Semi Rigid Cable and Connectors

Copper & Fiber

Copper and fiber are key building blocks of Carrier Networks. Copper used in Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) solutions are more common than TDM circuits of yesterday's networks. Today Fiber Optics provides the capacity needed in today's and tomorrow's networks.

  • Fiber and Copper Cable Management
  • Singlemode and Multimode Fiber Indoor/Outdoor)
  • CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A (Indoor/Outdoor) Copper
  • Tooling for Fiber and Copper

Transport, Broadband & Microwave

Facilitating the high capacity networks requires a solid backbone for both capacity and redundancy. The backhaul backbone can comprise of traditional wire, broadband or microwave. Below are various specs on transporting data.

  • Broadband License-exempt radios (5GHz)
  • Licensed Microwave (FCC 6GHz-38 GHZ)
  • Millimeter-wave (60GHz, 80GHz)
  • Security Encryption Methods
  • Multiplexing Methods


Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and In-Building Solutions (IBS) enhance coverage, capacity and signal strength over a carrier's network within a square area or venue.

  • Sporting Venues
  • Hotels
  • Campuses
  • Airports
  • Entertainment Venues

Markets Served

  • SMR Network Operator
  • Two-Way Dealer
  • SCADA/Telemetry Integrator
  • Federal Government
  • State Government
  • County Government
  • City/Local Government
  • Oil, Gas, Mining
  • Transportation
  • Utility
  • General Industry