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Coach™ II and Trooper™ II


  • Supports Dual Carrier FirstNet/LTE, Wi-Fi (802.11ax, 802.11ac) and CBRS
  • Multi-band platform supports 600 MHz to 3800 MHz frequencies
  • Compact and robust form factors that are easy to install
  • High rejection multi-GNSS technology for precision tracking and asset management
  • IP67 and AAR compliant design


Coach™ II and Trooper™ II

5G | LTE | WiFi |GNSS Antennas for Reliable and safe connectivity.

PCTEL’s multiband antenna platforms are designed to support the latest multi-network routers for intelligent transportation systems, public safety communications, and industrial IoT applications. Coach™ II and Trooper™ II antenna solutions enable simultaneous dual-carrier LTE Advanced and 4x4 MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity. The antennas also feature PCTEL’s proprietary multi-GNSS technology for location tracking and timing.

Coach™ II

PCTEL - Coach™ II

Part No. GL9X1AX-SF

Preferred choice for:
Public Safety Vehicles

Trooper™ II

PCTEL - Trooper™ II

Part No. GL9X1AX-TRB

Preferred choice for:
Transit and Fixed Installations