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Trust our Technical Expertise: Harnessing cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled professionals, we deliver innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring seamless connectivity in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Depend on our Reliable Products: Our robust and rigorously tested products are built to perform under any circumstances, offering unmatched quality and dependability to keep you connected when it matters most.


Experience Unmatched Service: Our dedicated and talented support team is committed to providing personalized assistance around the clock, ensuring your satisfaction through prompt resolutions and a superior customer experience.


Benefit from Strategic Locations: With an extensive network spanning strategic locations worldwide, we offer reliable connectivity solutions that transcend borders, empowering your business to thrive on a global scale.


Team-up with Time-tested Partners: We collabortate with industry-leading partners, leveraging their expertise and proven track records to deliver innovative solutions that meet your evolving communication needs with a legacy of trust and reliability.

The Power of Experience®

John R. Talley and Elizabeth J. Talley founded Talley Inc. in 1983 under its original name Talley Electronics Corp. The organization was intended to serve the needs of wireless communications professionals in a wide range of industries, from local Public Safety to nationwide Cellular and everything in-between. With 11 facilities nationwide, Talley is now one of the nation's largest distributors of Wireless Infrastructure, Communications and Mobile Products.

Talley serves customers in several industry segments, by stocking inventory from over 300 top industry suppliers. Our inventory reflects the demands of Wireless Communications, Infrastructure, and Mobile Communications users. Talley offers personalized, expert assistance to help you accomplish your projects in the shortest time, providing you with the best possible products at the lowest overall project cost. It means a live industry veteran will be available to you whenever you need assistance, from placing a simple order to helping you plan your next project.



Privately held family owned business since 1983.


Eleven stocking and processing distribution centers nationwide.


Industry-leading manufacturers in stock.


Quality service and best-in-class products. ISO Registered 9001:2015.

How We Do It

At Talley, our philosophy has always been to treat every customer like an individual. This means providing personalized, expert assistance to help you accomplish your projects in the shortest time, with the best possible products, and with the lowest overall project cost. It means making a live industry veteran available to you whenever you need assistance — from placing a simple order to helping you plan your next project. At Talley, we strive to make your job easy by following three simple steps:


Ease of Ordering

Talley will guide you to the right products for your projects. From towers to grounding, from antennas to fiber radios, you'll find everything you need.


Product Availability

You'll enjoy fast and economical delivery from Talley, thanks to our unmatched eleven distribution centers strategically located around the country.


Service Excellence

At Talley, our number one goal is to help make your job easy.

Everything we offer—from expert guidance and training seminars to an extensive customer service staff, we strive to deliver only the best experience possible.

Our Mission Statement

Our company's mission is to provide the best service in the industry; to provide our customers with the best products at the best possible price; to honor our suppliers' customers and their policies; to build every relationship for the long term; to never compromise integrity and to respect the opportunities we are given on a daily basis. To succeed in accomplishing our mission, it's important that all Talley employees subscribe to a common set of core values. These shared values reflect and guide the spirit, character and personality of our company. By embracing these values in every transaction, we build a reputation, without equal, that reflects individual pride and professionalism in all phases of our individual and company efforts.