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Part Number:  920202
Manufacturer:  RFS  
List Price:  $261.36
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Gas Distribution Manifold Kit 2-Port, GDM-2, 0-15PSIG
Catalog Description
Used for pressure distribution to several transmission lines. Allows easy maintenance checks of individual lines. Includes 1/8" FPT input, distribution manifold block and one needle release valve. 0-15 psig pressure gauge, 15 ft. (4.5m) 3/8" plastic tubing for each outlet. Also included are four 3/8" plastic tubing racks (10 slots per rack), one roll of Teflon tape and 24 nylon ties. Designate number of outlets by suffix number, i.e., GDM-2 for two outlets, GDM-3 for three outlets, etc
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