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Part Number:  LP-14
Manufacturer:  DuraComm Corporation  
List Price:  $104.00
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Low Profile Desktop Pwr Supply 14Amp Peak
Catalog Description
LP series power supplies are filtered and regulated. Noise and ripple are less than 100 millivolts P-P. Output voltage can be adjusted from 10 to 14 volts. The unit will maintain regulation with input voltages from 100 to 130 or 200 to 260 VAC. Models LP-18 and LP-25 have a thermostatically controlled fan to control heat build up. Side ventilation louvers allow a mobile to be set on top with an LPH Hood for a custom desktop package. The power supplies also include redundant temperature protection which will detect excessive temperature conditions and temporarily shut down until a safe operating temperature is reached. 220 VAC operation selected by internal jumper. UL and CSA Recognized except LP-25.
Warranty 1 Year
Conversion Type Switching
Input Voltage (AC) 115/220
Output VDC 13.8
Amps Cont 11
Amps ICS 14
Dimensions 1.75" x 7" x 7.62"
Ship Weight (lbs.) 5
Shipping Parcel Freight
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