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DSP85-201-C Product Detail

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Part Number:  DSP85-201-C
Manufacturer:  Cellular Specialties Inc  
List Price:  $7,080.00
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Cellular Freq Programmable Repeater, 1W
Catalog Description
The new CSI DSP85 Digital Repeater takes repeater performance to a new level by delivering unparalleled spectrum agility plus the industry's sharpest filtering. With DSP technology, it is no longer necessary to revisit installations to swap out BDAs or repeaters. Virtually any passband requirement can be met by reconfiguring the software either locally or remotely. The DSP85 Digital Repeater is ideal for a wide range of applications, from Public Safety/SMR and Cellular to PCS. CSI is the industry leader for in-building coverage products and services.
DSP85-201-C/P*- Available in the following port configurations: 1;1, 2:1, 2:2, 1:2, call sales for more information.
Warranty 1 Year
Freq (MHz) 824-849/869-894
Shipping Parcel Freight
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