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B132S Product Detail

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Product Description Specifications

Part Number:  B132S
Manufacturer:  Laird / Antenex  
List Price:  $52.68
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132-525 MHz 0 dB 1/4 Wave Base Loaded Mobile Antenna w/Spring
Catalog Description
Antenex® mobiles are used extensively on municipal vehicles, in off road racing, on industrial vehicles, taxi cabs and other high endurance applications such as police cruisers, emergency vehicles, and forestry service vehicles.
Frequency Range 132-525
Gain 0 dB
Bandwidth N/A
Power (watts) 200
Whip Material 17-7PH Stainless Steel
Whip Length 21" Straight
Base Style NMO Style
Mount Style None
Connector Type None
Warranty 2 Years
Shipping Parcel Freight